How do I add my staff to take the CampSafe® training?

The capability to add users is granted to Group Leaders. If you set up your group or purchased a course, you are a group leader and will have an Admin Dashboard.

In the dropdown menu located next to your name is the Admin Dashboard.

Click on the Admin Dashboard, you will have a Groups section, showing the name of your group.

Click to open your group. You have the ability to add 1 user at a time or a few by using a CSV file.

Inside your group , you have a red ENROLL NEW USER button, click this button.

You can add 1 user at a time, by entering First Name, Last Name and Email address then either Submit or +Add more users.

Or you can upload a CSV file, by using the Upload via CSV tab. Here you can download CSV Template, fill in your users first name, last name and email address. 

Once you have entered all your users, save the file. Click Choose File to select the file you created, then Open. Once your file is selected click blue Upload button.

Your users will be added to your group, each user will receive an email with their credentials, user name and password. Please check inbox as well as junk (just in case).

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