Do you have a summary of the topics covered by the training?

Module 1: Why talk about sexual abuse?

What is CSA? Who does it impact? (includes child on child)

Breaking myths of stranger danger

Offender ‘Profile’

Access and Opportunity

Understanding Child Sexual Abuse Prevalence

Module 2: Spot the Signs

Grooming process

Red Flag Behaviors – understanding professional camp counselor behaviors, healthy boundaries, practice exercise regarding safe and appropriate vs grooming behaviors

Camper Scenarios – video vignettes demonstrating how grooming can look

Supervising youth

Module 3: Respond and Report

Why don’t children speak up? Understanding the psychological complexity to disclosure

Recognizing the signs of a camper in need (history of abuse from home and abuse at camp)

Sample Camp Scenarios

How to respond to disclosure – Do’s and Don’ts

Who must report? Mandated reporting, State laws, utilizing the Child Protection Team

Module 4: Model it!

Building healthy relationships

Safe Touch and Unsafe Touch

Teaching and Modeling Consent

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